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In partnership with a leading customer review service, Reevoo, you can now read 100% independent reviews of all our small group tours in Asia.

Why we use reevoo

We have always been immensely proud of the feedback we receive about our small group tours and we understand how important peer reviews are to our travelers.

However, with fake reviews on the rise, we didn't feel it appropriate to manage our own reviews. Solution? We engaged a trusted independent company, Reevoo, to manage the entire process for us. Easier for us but, most importantly, it gives our travelers complete confidence that what they are reading is 100% genuine.

What gets reviewed?

All travelers who complete a small group tour will receive an email questionnaire from the people at Reevoo asking to rate (a) the small group tour (b) the destination and (c) the service delivered by Insider Journeys - all on a scale of 1 to 10.

Who can post a review?

Only travelers who have completed a Insider Journeys small group tour, and provided their email address on the post tour survey, are able to provide a review. Below some of our recent reviews.

Who are reevoo?

Based in the UK, Reevoo are a completely independent customer review service. They work with other brands like The Good Guys, Holden, Hyundai, Millennium Hotels and Resorts, DeWalt and Speedo.

Can a review be edited or deleted?

Reviews are 100% genuine and Reevoo never edit or delete reviews. Read Reevoo’s philosophy here.

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Read the latest reviews of Insider Journeys.

  • 10 out of 10

    Meredith from Boston, USA

    My tour group was a nice, small size, which made it feel relaxed. The people on the tour were quite pleasant. I was very impressed by the service I got from Insider Journeys. I did not have to worry about a thing . Such a luxury! I got picked up at the airport, escorted around India, then dropped back at the airport. People on the tour were joking with me because when they asked me details about my going in to Ranthambore, I had no clue! I knew it would all be taken care of. One of them joked " Go with the flow, Meredith!" Normally I take solo trips where I have to figure everything out in my own. This was the complete opposite and it was quite a luxury ! It was the perfect choice for a country that would have felt too challenging to navigate on my own.

    Confirmed traveler:
    01 November 2015
    Published on:
    05 February 2016
  • 10 out of 10

    Howard from Toronto, Canada

    We traveled with two other small group providers on our journeys this time, as well as a cruise ship. While I did not say so in the blog, Insider Journeys was the most enjoyable and we recommended it to several travelers while in the other groups.

    Confirmed traveler:
    08 November 2015
    Published on:
    29 November 2015
  • 10 out of 10

    Amanda from Washington DC, United States

    This was my second tour with Insider Journeys, and both have been positive experiences. The trips are well-organized, taking in all the sites I would have…if I had time to plan a trip. The guides speak good English and are knowledgeable about the sites. I appreciate the effort to provide a range of experiences - like an overnight train, theater, and specialty restaurants. Pre-trip information is helpful.

    Confirmed traveler:
    15 August 2015
    Published on:
    12 December 2015